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How to make something more shareable or go viral

Tip 0 – Create A Blog or a landing page

It becomes your home. The place where people come to find you.

Tip 1: Provide Quality

Tip 2 – Give Freebies

One of the best early examples of building a business by giving something away is Hotmail. Hotmail gave away free email services and email addresses free to anyone who signed up for one, and a lot of people did (and still do).

Tip 3 – Get Referrals ( Make it easy to get referred )

Dropbox case

Tip 4: Use Videos/ Info-graphics/ Animations

Make your video, and at the end of the clip place a 3–5 second promotional slide with the URL for your website so viewers can look for more useful information. Make sure the landing page you send them to matches the tone of the video. Same with other graphic types.

Tip 5 – Use social bookmarking sites

Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Pinterest, Delicious, Tumblr, Flipboard

Tip 6 – Run contests

People love to win things, and they love to be recognized for winning. Be creative in deciding what the prize should be, but consider how much your customers will think it is worth. While prize doesn’t have to be something of great value, it does have to be something that is useful or of some value to the winner.

Tip 7 – Use Free Press Release Sites

Because who doesn’t need content!

Tip 8 – Get started


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