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Growth Hack Your Startup From 0 to 10k In A Month

Do you want to get insights on “Psychology of Marketing” or want to study what marketing actually is, in deep? This book is not for you. This book is an actionable guide consisting 10 sessions of practical steps anyone can implement to get significant results.

You can download the book for free before 21/12/2016 from here:

I started taking notes while I was planning marketing for my own startup. After a couple of months, I started working as a marketing consultant. It was the time when it struck to my mind that I could make a guide to help people with getting more exposure to their products.


Here’s what I have included in the book:

  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • SEO
  • Misc. (Viral Marketing, Press Release, Guest Post)

Almost all the steps can be implemented for ebook marketing, startup marketing or even service marketing. Please do not purchase if you are looking for a book that can teach you fundamentals of marketing or some fluff like that. This is a ready-made plan spoon-feed for one to implement.

You can download the book for free before 21/12/2016 from here:

How we are working on something that may disrupt Recruitment industry!

HireSolve is a recruitment platform that connects recruiters and job applicants through problem-solving. Recruiters can post problems relevant to jobs/roles on the platform. Applicants can apply to jobs by submitting solutions (in text, image, video, code snippets, etc) to the posted problems. If a recruiter likes a solution, the applicant behind the solution will get contacted for further interview.

HireSolve ditches resumes. 🙂

HireSolve is founded on a belief that, if you can solve a problem, you demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. This is much more effective than resumes, because resumes can be faked and thus not reliable. By focusing on problem-solving, we can reduce bad hires, saving money and time for businesses, and we cut out the need to screen resumes.

We built the demo for HireSolve in the AngelHack KL 2016, and we’re selected as one of the finalists from 84 competing teams.


We plan to scale HireSolve in both SEA and India at the same time. We believe that HireSolve can impact the entire recruitment industry, and make the hiring more effective and efficient.

We’re now building the backend, on Ruby on Rails. We’re also looking for seed funding.