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6 Resume tips you were never given before!

No “Keep it one page” shit! Here’s something fresh.

1) Keep it uploaded on cloud. (Google drive/Dropbox).
Why?? It’s not necessary that your resume will be checked as soon as you send it to the recruiter. And, once you send it, it won’t be possible for you to edit. Do you get it now? Yes, so that you can change it anytime you want. What you need to do is just send the link of your resume instead of the resume document. Another reason is, if you have your resume on cloud,  it goes with you wherever you go. So, if you meet someone to whom you want to pass your resume, Just share the link. Or you can also have it on your mail account by mailing it to yourself.

2) Focus on “What did you do?/What did you learn?” rather than “what your position was?”
While writing resume, it is always better to write that you increased the sales of the company by 30% using xyz strategy rather than writing your position was as a sales manager.

3) Add keywords given in the job description to your resume before applying/giving resume.
It helps to pass your resume through automatic resume screening software.

4) If including interests, include interesting interests. If applying for job as a security engineer, it is always better to include ethical hacking than playing musical instruments.
 (Also it gives a nice topic to talk about in the interview.)

5) Cut out writing GPA if not worth showing.
GPA’s are almost never preferred as an evaluation unit for the selection, but it does make an impression on interviewer’s mind. So, if you are blessed with high GPA, writing it is going to help you out. But, not writing your GPA when it is low is a good option as it won’t create any impression.

6)  Make Digital resume/Infographic/Resume website.