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Growth Hack Your Startup From 0 to 10k In A Month

Do you want to get insights on “Psychology of Marketing” or want to study what marketing actually is, in deep? This book is not for you. This book is an actionable guide consisting 10 sessions of practical steps anyone can implement to get significant results.

You can download the book for free before 21/12/2016 from here:

I started taking notes while I was planning marketing for my own startup. After a couple of months, I started working as a marketing consultant. It was the time when it struck to my mind that I could make a guide to help people with getting more exposure to their products.


Here’s what I have included in the book:

  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • SEO
  • Misc. (Viral Marketing, Press Release, Guest Post)

Almost all the steps can be implemented for ebook marketing, startup marketing or even service marketing. Please do not purchase if you are looking for a book that can teach you fundamentals of marketing or some fluff like that. This is a ready-made plan spoon-feed for one to implement.

You can download the book for free before 21/12/2016 from here:

How to make something more shareable or go viral

Tip 0 – Create A Blog or a landing page

It becomes your home. The place where people come to find you.

Tip 1: Provide Quality

Tip 2 – Give Freebies

One of the best early examples of building a business by giving something away is Hotmail. Hotmail gave away free email services and email addresses free to anyone who signed up for one, and a lot of people did (and still do).

Tip 3 – Get Referrals ( Make it easy to get referred )

Dropbox case

Tip 4: Use Videos/ Info-graphics/ Animations

Make your video, and at the end of the clip place a 3–5 second promotional slide with the URL for your website so viewers can look for more useful information. Make sure the landing page you send them to matches the tone of the video. Same with other graphic types.

Tip 5 – Use social bookmarking sites

Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Pinterest, Delicious, Tumblr, Flipboard

Tip 6 – Run contests

People love to win things, and they love to be recognized for winning. Be creative in deciding what the prize should be, but consider how much your customers will think it is worth. While prize doesn’t have to be something of great value, it does have to be something that is useful or of some value to the winner.

Tip 7 – Use Free Press Release Sites

Because who doesn’t need content!

Tip 8 – Get started


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6 Quick Ways Your Website Benefits From Blogging

There are a lot more reasons to start a blog, but this article has to do with the benefits to your website.

1. A blog on the same domain name, (as part of your website like can help you add fresh content to your website without having to know HTML. Fresh daily or even weekly content can keep the search spiders coming back more often. Writing your blog posts on the topics or search terms you want to be relevant for help as well. Each blog post becomes another web page targeted for your keywords.

2. A blog on the same domain name will also help you increase the number of pages that are included as part of your website. Content is king and having a ton of relative content will increase your chances of drawing visitors to your website.

3. A Blog on the same domain name or on a subdomain of your domain name or even one that is on another domain name can help you reach out to potential and existing customers with special offers, information, surveys, and more. You can add sales offers on the fly without having to call your web designer to add it for you.

4. A blog on a subdomain like is another way to go. Subdomains in most cases are treated as a separate domain name, yet can bring more traffic as well. Here link popularity also kicks in a little. You, of course, link to from but you can also trade links with other blogs but have them link to instead of Those links will be treated as one-way-inbound-links and that helps your page rank, but also brings you more traffic.

5. A blog on its own domain name can do that as well, but the link from it to is going to carry more weight.

6. Getting the spiders to find all of your new websites. I find that because I have several blogs if I want to get my or a client’s new website crawled by the search engines I can do it faster by adding a link to my blogs than I can by submitting to the search engines. Because I update my blogs daily, the spider crawls the blog a lot and follows the links there. I have seen this work for getting a website crawled within 3 days. This only works for a blog that has been regularly updated for awhile. (around 6 months or more).

As I said above, these are only the benefits you get from blogging as it applies to your website. What I haven’t mentioned is that by building up a steady readership on a blog, you will gain a lot of new customers. They get to know you and trust you by reading your blog every day.

I welcome all comments and suggestions. There are a lot of other advantages to your website, but the six I have just mentioned should be enough to get you started blogging right away!

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I will be your startup advisor, mentor for one day for $5

An entrepreneur’s life is tough and unpredictable. Often, you are faced with many doubts and challenges. At times, you even find yourself lurching from problem to problem! Against this backdrop, having a mentor can benefit you tremendously.

The mentor acts as an examiner who poses tough questions to you, the entrepreneur. Not to needle and rattle you, but to really get you thinking about improving things in your company. A mentor will objectively assess the state of your business and the direction in which it is headed. He will bring in an unbiased point of view. He will open doors for you. A inspires you. A mentor provides you with useful resources that may save your time and increase your productivity.

I will discuss with you strategies that will help you startup grow. I will do tests, reports, checklists, action-plan, brain-storming etc. that may help you gain more insights. I will give you actionable growth hacking tactics that can help you get a huge traction.

Here is the gig link