My discussion with Ashish Kedia about internship at Google, IIT Bombay and Competitive Programming.

The Geek Spot


Recently, I got a chance to talk with Mr. Ashish Kedia who is a former Google Intern at SF, he has also been a research Intern at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, does competitive programming and besides all he is a very kind person to talk to. So this is how it went.

Me: Hi Ashish, Welcome! It’s so good to have you here. You’re my and many mores ideal, I must say.

Ashish: Thank you, Deep.

Me: So, let’s jump in. Ashish, it seems that your career started from Research Internship at Indian Institute of technology-Bombay, after training at Globsyn Finishing School. What would you like to share about your research internship at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay?

Ashish: I’ll share my experience. IIT Bombay internship was my first exposure to cutting edge technologies. It really helped me learn quite a bit about programming and computer science in general. It taught…

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