9 Backlinking Strategies For 2017

22% of the search engine ranking factor is link popularity, others being Domain Authority, SEO and other stuff. Here are some easy backlinking strategies that work for free. The best strategy is awesome content. If you have a piece of awesome content, you have something to brag about, all the tactics become more effective and easier. Especially information from infographics is easier to grasp. I could have written a whole new post on using infographics to get traffic and create quality backlinks. Another topic I have not mentioned is broken link method, as I am going to write a different blog post for that.

1) Article submission

Those are high-quality do-follow backlinks that will increase your SERP rank. Better the quality and more the quantity, good for rank. 800 to 1000 words is a good quantity. It is advised to change the article content and the title a little bit from site to site.

Here is a list of some article submission sites you should consider:

Here is a mind map to guide you through Article Marketing-

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